Once you have paid your deposit and agreed to our terms and conditions, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you are in agreement with the following conditions.  The following terms and conditions are subject to each and every booking, you agree that you have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions in full before proceeding with your booking.

Our apologies if this sounds very formal, but we do not want any confusion about our terms etc.

The responsibility lies with the person who booked our services to agree and accept our conditions on behalf of the full party and to settle any payments within the specified time frames.


Upon booking you are to inform us of any known allergies, medical issues or special requirements needed by yourself or any of your party using our services.  Failure to do so means that we cannot be  liable for any reactions, damage, injuries, costs and claims.  After receiving our services you must make us aware of any adverse affects that may have occurred within 48hours of the services being carried out.

Please ensure that prior to our arrival you are make-up free and your hair has been washed and is completely dry this is to ensure that we stick to our schedule in order to get you ready on time.  In order to keep to our schedule please ensure that all members of your party remain available for the full specified time, it is the person in charge of the bookings responsibility to ensure all members of the party are available.

Should any member of your party not be available or be delayed, we may not be able to give them their full allocated time and may need to improvise/prioritise members of the party accordingly.  In these circumstances you will not be eligible for a refund for any time lost and services not completed.

Please make us aware upon booking if your desired location does not have bathroom facilities and power supply.  Please ensure that there is sufficient lighting and space to work in the location where you intend to use our services.

We would appreciate that any food/beverages and anyone smoking are kept away from our work area.


We highly recommend that you have a trial so we can work together to achieve the perfect look for you as only one look will be possible due to time constraints on the day.  If you or any of your party choose not to have a trial we will not be held responsible if you or any of your party are not satisfied with the service performed on the day.

We will allocate you a reasonable amount of time for your trial, we are more than happy to try out a number of different looks although if we do not come to a final decision on your desired look we may advise that you book another trial with us which will incur further costs.

It is your responsibility to inform us if you are dissatisfied with our work before you leave the trial.

Upon initial enquiry we will ask you what your expectations are, we will only accept your booking if  we feel we are capable of meeting your expectations.  In order to do this we may ask for pictures of your desired style/look.


Any changes/cancellations must be communicated firstly by telephone followed by an email within 24 hours by the person who is in charge of the booking.

Please inform us prior to your ceremony/trial date ensuring we have received your communication of any additional services required for yourself or anyone else .  We will endeavour to accommodate any such request depending on time scales and commitments.  Adding another person or another service on the day will be done so at our discretion depending on time scales and other commitments.  We reserve the right to refuse any such request although we will try our best to accommodate.  Any services or additional people being added on to your booking will incur further costs.

We will try to accommodate any changes to dates although this is subject to availability.  Any parts of the service cancelled within 1 month of your ceremony date will not be refunded however another person receiving a similar service may take their place for the allocated time/date at our discretion.

In exceptional circumstances of extreme and sudden onset of illness or other emergencies on our part resulting in us not attending the booking, a full refund will be given.

If these unforeseen circumstances occur we will do our best to help you find a sufficient reputable replacement as we are in contact with many other people in the industry.

Payments and Deposits

In order to secure a trial and or ceremony date, a non-refundable deposit must be paid, this will come off your final balance and is not a payment for your trial, specific dates will not be held until this payment is complete.

When booking the trial the full balance of the trial alongside the initial deposit must be paid.

On the day of your trial, half of the full remaining balance must be paid, any additional services and/or additional persons added after this date will be payable, the amount will depend on the time that any changes were made.

If you wish to proceed with your booking for your ceremony day the remaining balance is due 28 days prior to this date, we accept bank transfer and cash as means of payment although we advise against sending cash in the post, you may arrange with us a time for you to drop off any payments.

If we do not receive payment for any of the above within the specified and allocated times we reserve the right to cancel all services without refund.

Health and Safety

For health and safety purposes we advise that you sit still and refrain from being distracted as we will be working closely with hot and sharp tools.

We ask that any children and animals are kept away from our allocated work area to minimise risk.  We ask that children are attended to at all times by someone who is not receiving a service.

Any problems should be highlighted immediately and discussed with a Vision Wedding Make-up representative before they leave the location.

In the unlikely event that a member of your party or guests mistreat our representatives in any way we reserve the right to cancel all services without refund at our discretion.


Correct location must be given at the time of booking, including the full postal address and precise location.  We will inform you of any travel costs that will be incurred.  If the location changes, travel costs may need to be amended and we reserve the right to cancel the booking without refund if we feel it was an unreasonable distance to travel or if you are unwilling to cover costs.

We may be willing to travel long distance, this should be discussed at the initial point of contact. All costs and travel time must be paid in full 1 month prior to the date.

We take advice on severe weather from motoring organisations, travelling in severe weather will be at our discretion and we will make you aware of our circumstances as soon as possible.  If we are unable to attend the ceremony you will be refunded for any services we have not undertaken.

Additional information

All client information is kept confidential.

Please feel free to take as many photographs showing ourselves or our work as you like.  Any photographs published on social media, websites and advertisements should credit vision wedding make-up.

Please let us know if you wish not to be photographed, if you agree to be photographed please be aware that these photographs may be used for social media, advertising and websites.  We will ask your permission for trial photographs to be used.

As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service your opinion and feedback is valued and we welcome any of your comments.